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Drei Zinnen Ski Raid


Registration for the race for FISI-Athlets must be made via the portal www.fisi.org.

Registration for amateurs must be made in writing via the online registration form or per email (form can be downloaded) to info@dreizinnenlauf.com

Bank details
Cassa Raiffeisen Alta Pusteria
IBAN: IT 68M0802058910000900261157

Only completed registration forms including payment confirmation are accepted. It is not possible to register over the phone.

Registration closes
Friday, 20.03.2020 - 12:00 noon.
PLEASE NOTE: Registrations after this date are not possible!

Registration fee
For all categories: 35,00 Euro
Deposit on site for the new clothes bag: 30,00 € - it will be refunded on return of the garment bag

Included in the registration fee is the starter package, a pasta dish and a drink at Pastaparty.

Prize money and prizes

1. place 600.00 Euro, 2. place 400.00 Euro, 3. place 250.00 Euro, 4. place 125.00 Euro, 5. place 75.00 Euro, 6. place 75.00 Euro, 7. place 35.00 Euro, 8. place 35.00 Euro

1. place 600.00 Euro, 2. place 400.00 Euro, 3. place 250.00 Euro, 4. place 125.00 Euro, 5. place 75.00 Euro, 6. place 75.00 Euro, 7. place 35.00 Euro, 8. place 35.00 Euro

1 - 3 place fantastic non-cash prizes

1 - 3 place fantastic non-cash prizes

1.place 300,00 Euro, 2. place 200,00 Euro, 3. place 100,00 Euro


Rankings are listed in the following categories:

F.I.S.I. - Federazione Italiana Sport Invernali
  • Men SENIOR - born 1999 to 1975
  • Men MASTER - born 1974 and older
  • Women SENIOR - born 1999 to 1975
  • Women MASTER - born 1974 and older

  • Men SENIOR - born 2002 to 1975 (18 years completed)
  • Men MASTER - born 1974 and older
  • Women SENIOR - born 2002 to 1975 (18 years completed)
  • Women MASTER - born 1974 and older

Team ranking
The best 3 teams with 3 participants (only amateurs)
The 3 fastest times of athletes registred with the same club-name.

Combined ranking
There is also a combined ranking for those who register for the Drei Zinnen Ski Raid 2020 and the Drei Zinnen Alpine Run 2020. The 3 best male and 3 best female runners in the overall ranking in both races receive prize money.


Technical information (route, equipment, weather,…):
Gottfried +39 340 4705478
Artur +39 347 0395533

General Information (registration, accommodation, ...):
events@sexten.it, info@dreizinnenlauf.com , +39 0474 710310

For booking accommodation please contact the Sesto Tourist Information, Tel. (+39) 0474 710310 oder info@sexten.it

Terms and conditions for participation

  • The race requires excellent physical preparation. Participation is at your own risk. The organisers accept no liability for personal injury and damage to property, during and after the race, including not for third parties. With their registration the participant accepts all terms and conditions of the race.
  • All the participants of the categorie amateur must present a valid sports medical certificate.
  • Compulsory minimum equipment for participants:
  • Category AMATEUR: Normal ski touring equipment is accepted. Cross country ski and Telemark equipment is not permitted. Helmets must be worn in all descents, an activated avalanche detector must be worn on the body, probe, rucksack, shovel and rescue blanket must be carried. Participants must wear clothes suitable for the prevailing weather and temperatures. Participants not in possession of the required minimum equipment will be disqualified.
  • Category F.I.S.I.: For participants in this category the F.I.S.I regulations apply. They can be found at www.fisi.org.
  • The start number must be clearly visible before the start, during the race and at the finish.
  • Time limit: Last arrival at the finish 4 hours after the start
  • Any complaints must be submitted to the jury together with a payment of 50.00 Euro within 15 minutes after last participant finished on time. If the complaint is accepted, the money will be refunded.

Technical regulations

Issuing of start numbers
Tourist Information Sesto, Via Dolomiti 45
15.03.2019 from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Hotel Dolomitenhof, Via Val Fiscalina 33
16.03.2019 from 6:30 am

Tourist Information Sesto, Via Dolomiti 45
20.03.201920 at 6:00 pm
Start area at the Hotel Dolomitenhof
21.03.2020 at 7:45 am

Mass start
Hotel Dolomitenhof Via Val Fiscalina 33
at 8:00 am (F.I.S.I.)
and 8:05 am (AMATEUR)
Parking near Fischleinbodenhut; special price for athlets: 3€

Awards ceremony
Award of cash and non-cash prizes and draw of gifts among all participants.
Rifugio Fondo Valle at 1:00 pm

General terms and conditions

With registration and payment of the start fee the participants accept without exception these terms and conditions and conform that they are in possession of a doctor’s note confirming their fitness to take part in the event (in accordance with Art.5-D.M.18.2.1982).
The participant discharges the organisation committee from any liability, also for accidents, during and after the race, or for injury the participant causes to third parties or other property. With registration the participant agrees to the use of personal information such as photos, film recordings and interviews by third parties for purposes in accordance with Data Protection Law No. 196/03, Artt. 13 und 14 DSGVO 679/2016, without claim to compensation.
The participant agrees to the exclusion of liability of organisers, sponsors, public entities and landowners. Any information not covered by these terms and conditions is subject to the standards of the International Ski Federation FIS.

In poor weather conditions or dangerous snow conditions an alternative route is available. The organiser reserves the right to change the route at short notice or to cancel the race. Any information in this respect will be published on this website on the eve of the race from 6 pm.

Clothes bag

This year's 24th Ski Raid will for the first time feature environmentally friendly and reusable garment bags of high quality by Skinfit. These are waterproof backpacks, which will be provided with the appropriate starting number.
All participants will be provided with a corresponding garment bag for a deposit of €30.00. Please note that NO other garment bags will be accepted.
The deposit of 30,00 € must be paid at the race number issuance. The deposit will be refunded on return of the garment bag to the arrival area.
Athletes who wish to keep their backpack can bring it with them in the coming years and use it again. The deposit will not be refunded in this case.