FAQ Ski Raid
09. September 2023
Start 10:00 am

Questions & answers about the Drei Zinnen Ski Raid

The most frequently asked questions about the ski touring race

The most frequently asked questions about the Drei Zinnen Ski Raid and its organisation are answered here.

What happens in case of bad weather?

The race will take place in all weathers. In case of fog/snow or bad weather, the alternative course will be run on the helmet to ensure absolute safety for the participants.

Is there a refund of the entry fee in case of non-participation? Are there any exceptions?

There is no refund of the entry fee.
If a medical certificate is presented, the starting place can be credited for 1 year.
Exchanging the starting place is subject to processing fees.

How good must the participants' physical condition be?

The Three Peaks Run requires a very good level of fitness.

To be considered: difference in altitude: 1,625 m and distance: 17.8 km

Are telemark skis allowed?

No, telemarking is not allowed.